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Membership Steps and Responsibilities


  1. Request, complete and submit CSC application and sailing resume.
  2. At your option, schedule a visit to marina and club yachts.
  3. Complete membership agreement and submit one time orientation fee.
  4. Schedule on board orientation (4 hours) on initial yacht of your choice.
  5. Submit annual club membership fee.


  1. Practice good seamanship at all times aboard and underway
  2. Familiarize yourself, crew and guests with boat details, safety procedures and gear
  3. Be a courteous marina guest
  4. Obey all pollution, navigation and Rules of the Road, including sailing right of ways!
  5. When in doubt proceed at a reduced speed…or just stop!
  6. Reef (reduce sail area) early and before you wish you had reefed!
  7. Report any issues/problems to CSC
  8. Leave the yacht ready for your fellow member – as you’d like on your arrival on board.
  9. Enjoy your time on board and Sailing Chesapeake Bay!

What CSC Provides and What to Bring:

CSC provides the following gear and Items:

  1. USCG required safety equipment and first aid kit
  2. Fully equipped galley
  3. General spares/consumables for rigging and machinery
  4. General cleaning items
  5. Cockpit cushions
  6. Bedding pillows (4)
  7. Dinghy, oars, engine and gasoline
  8. Stove and barbecue propane

Member’s Responsibility:

  1. All food provisions, drinks, water, ice, etc.
  2. Bunk linens or sleeping bags
  3. Personal towels and head sundries
  4. Rain gear and clothing
  5. Consumable paper products and galley linens
  6. Full cleaning of yacht to include head and galley, otherwise additional cleaning service charge will be assessed
  7. Personal navigation charts or tablet (iPad)
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