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Membership vs. Ownership

For Your Consideration: Membership vs. Ownership


The sad truth is that about 90% of all boats see only occasional use (once a month) and some sit at their docks all season building up heavy bottom growth only to be hauled in the autumn without ever setting their sails – let’s face it, life is busy and happens!

Annual ownership operating costs, not including acquisition/purchase, depreciation or major repairs, for a 34 foot sailboat, can easily top $7,500. A mid-grade new set of sails will cost another $7,500-you get the picture!

For comparison, a week at a beach house is typically $2500 plus, a three day weekend sailboat charter is typically $1500 plus and a northern bay boating club is about $5500, plus an initial joining fee for less advanced reservation days!

For some, ownership is the only option and for good reasons, but for the greater majority of sailors, club time or time share sailing is logical and a reasonable approach to explore sailing or continue to enjoy the sailing lifestyle and sport when ownership is not practical.

Time share or fractional sailing is a form of ownership and does require shared ownership purchase costs, operating cost, liabilities and responsibilities.

Club sailing gives you the most important benefit of ownership-sailing time! The club manages and maintains the yacht, you schedule your time on board and sail! Or if you prefer just spend the weekend on board at the marina -just getting away!

Chesapeake Sail Club (CSC) offers annual membership plans for your consideration. For season late comers, we offer pro-rata membership.

There is no time like the present for Sailing Chesapeake Bay with CSC!


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